Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Accidents Strike Back

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Things have been quiet recently. Then Saturday happened...

Myself and my wife (yes someone married me!) had our first wedding anniversary on Saturday last.
After having a lovely dinner out we went back to the hotel in which we were staying and made our way to the lifts at the back of the lobby. On the way to the lifts we went through some large double swing doors and at the same time I saw a waitress walking behind us carrying a very large tray, with about seven glasses and three bottles on it.
Naturally, after I went through I held my half of the swing doors open for the waitress. I assumed my wife was going to do the same, and it appeared that way but as the waitress was walking through the door she let here half spring back on the waitress. Thankfully the waitress was alert and put out her foot to stop the door. However I did not see this and immediately lunged forwards to try and grab the door.

I think you can see where this is going.

In my desperate lunge I managed to actually punch her tray. In fact punch is not strong enough a word, I attacked her tray. A second later there was smashed glass everywhere, every single glass and all of the bottles but one were on the floor, utterly smashed. I stared at this sight in awe, only to then look up and see a completely soaked waitress in front of me. She was totally drenched in Beer, Coke, Wine and Water. I did not know what to say, and to say she looked unhappy is somewhat of an understatement! I just about managed to get the word "Sorry" past my lips when she ran off to get some towels after giving me a glare to end all glares. And this point my wife and I looked at each other, and decided a quick exit was necessary, and dashed off to our room, leaving yet another disaster scene behind us....

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