Friday, February 24, 2006

Blog Awards!!

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As many of you know I have made it to the final short list for the Irish Blog Awards (, in the Most Humorous Post Category!!
The post that was nominated was "Don’t turn it off!!" & the awards are on the 11th of March in Dublin.
Sadly I cannot attend, but a very well known Irish comedian who is a friend of mine is going to represent me at the awards. His picture is below:

The First person to name him will win.........nothing, will not receive anything, will not benefit in any way whatsoever, probably not even receive an email from me, but you'll know you got there first...possibly........
Post your answers as comments to this post!!!


Dave G said...

I really think that who ever he is, that he needs some medical attention!

Stephen Neill said...

If he is who I think he is, his monk-like appearance is strangely appropriate - if he is of a silent Order?