Wednesday, March 07, 2007


This post and all others have been moved to this sites new home on

Well, its a sad sad day.

I have decided to retire this blog, for what I hope are the right reasons. You see I'm not having as many bizarre situations occur these days, perhaps sense is creeping in somewhere, or perhaps a guardian angel has me as a permanent assignment?
I could add various little stories, like the one involving a full bladder in the back of a car, a soda bottle, a nun and a traffic packed road, but I dont wish to dilute the quality of the blog like I did the Soda....

I have another more serious blog now where I write about various technology related subjects, on so feel free to drop by and have a look.

I will not be deleting this blog, and if at some stage in the future my guardian angel dies in a tragic blimp accident, I'll bring this blog back to life, but for now, its a little bit of history........


Anonymous said...

don't retire it! i only just found it. and it's very funny. for goodness sake, don't wind up a sad techno-geek who has no time for laughs!! (i'm relying on your blog for good sermon material...)

ali (the english one, from austria - remember?)

Amy and Amiability said...

Noo! What a shame, although I am quite relieved that not so many chaotic things are happening to you these days: it means I can now travel to your neck of the woods feeling relatively safe!