Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Totally Bizarre Coincidence

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It seems my blog has reached a new height, I got my first review and for the last few days I am getting about 250 visits a day, so why on earth does nobody ever leave a comment???

Anyway, a few days have passed and so its time to reveal my next installment to my tale of woe. This one is pretty short but the odds against it are huge, so it has to be posted.

I moved to Dublin from Kilkenny seven years ago. At this time the only person I knew in Dublin was my Comedian friend Reuben.
One evening we were driving into the city to go to the cinema or something. Along the way we pulled up at a set of traffic lights. This is where the trouble started. Sitting there waiting for the lights to go green I started to look at the cars on either side of us.
I looked to the right, nothing interesting of note, I then looked to my left and spotted the person in the next car. I immediately alerted reuben, "Hey reu, look at the blonde in the next car!".
I was puzzled by his reaction, he sat there silent, when I had been expecting him to agree instantly. What he said next shook me to the bone:

"Yep, Its my Sister"

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Hannes Agnarsson said...

Here's a comment for ya...

I stumbled upon your blog from the review. Read a few of the most recent posts and I have to say that your little anecdotes are just hillarious - could be material for a TV show or a comic...

Well, keep blogging - there is always room for more laughter in the world :)